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William Butler Yeats; born in Dublin, Ireland, on June 13, 1865, born to an Irish painter; John Butler Yeats. Raised in County Sligo alike his mother and father but, he experienced some of his upbringing in London. At the age of fifteen he returned to Dublin to further his studies as a painter. Yeats 's painting didn 't last long, it was very abruptly interrupted by his interest in poetry. In life, people are faced with moments of triumph as well as moments of defeat. Despite the fact; all moments in a person’s life determines who they are. Prevailing as a brilliant poet; his Irish Identity shaped his work tremendously.
When in Dublin, William Butler Yeats 's education was recommenced at Dublin 's Erasmus Smith High School in 1881. William 's education was based upon art, nevertheless his hunger for poetry peaked. Yeats 's Irish identity began to take shape before the eve of his career. "Born into the Anglo-Irish landowning class, Yeats became involved with the Celtic Revival, a movement against the cultural influences of English rule in Ireland during the Victorian period, which sought to promote the spirit of Ireland’s native heritage." (1¶ Poets.Org) Yeats’s originality and patriotism towards his Irish origins remained unbreakable. He began education at the Metropolitan School of Art in 1984 -now known as the National College of Art and Design.
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W.B Yeats; a successful Irish name took part in his first lectured tour of America in the early 1900s. Yeats new astounding success led to a vast amount of new opportunities. "Yeats and his sisters started the Cuala Press, which would print over seventy titles by authors such as Ezra Pound, Rabindranath Tagore, Elizabeth Bowen, Jack and John Yeats, and Patrick Kavanagh, before it closed in 1946.” (¶7 OnlineLiterature.Com) The Caula Press; influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement, the sought out "Find work for Irish hands in the making of beautiful things". The 70 unique titles

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