John Butler's Recollection To The Real State Of The Colonies

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We are gathered here today to discuss a serious problem, I am John Butler and must stay connected to Great Britain. our heritage ties up with Britain and we will never loose this English heritage. This is causing our beloved king to punish us with taxes and horrendous acts upon us. We the people of America are being controlled by the patriot’s actions. Joseph Galloway said in 1774, “If we sincerely mean to accommodate the difference between the two countries, and to establish their union on more firm and constitutional principles, we must take into consideration a number of facts which led the Parliament to pass the acts complained of, since the year 1763, and the real state of the Colonies. A clear and perfect knowledge of these matters only can lead us to the ground of substantial redress and permanent harmony. I will therefore call your recollection to the dangerous situation of the Colonies from the intrigues of France, and the incursions of the Canadians and their Indian allies, at the commencement of the last war. None of us can be ignorant of the just sense they then entertained of that danger, and of their incapacity to defend themselves against it, nor of the supplications made to the Parent State for its assistance, nor…show more content…
They can protect us from the French and Natives on this new world. We have fought against these people once, and our troops were not strong enough to hold the French and Natives. The only way we could beat them was with english troops from our homeland. We would have been taken over and could even have died but with Great Britain’s help, we won the war. If we become enemies of our cherished nation, they could annihilate us. Even though Great Britain is only an island when we are a country, we are not united when our fellow nation is more unified then we could ever be. In conclusion, Great Britain is such a strong nation that it would help to have them with us and hurt us if we
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