John C. Dueber Case Study

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Hook - In the year 1888 Canton only had a population of 13,000 but less than 4 years later, Canton’s population had grown to over double that, thanks to John Charles Dueber and the Dueber-Hampden Watch Company. John C. Dueber It all started in 1849 when a nine-year old boy by the name of John Charles Dueber, came to the new land of America with his mother father, and little sister, ready for a new life away from his small home village of Netphen, Germany. When Dueber was in his teens he took up an apprenticeship to a watch case engraver in Cincinnati, Ohio. He worked at this for 5 years until he eventually decided to split from his teacher and begin working on his own. He worked day ad night, engraving watch cases during the day and creating wedding rings during the night to bring in some extra money. His first year working away from his teacher was spent in a room donated to him by Mr. Francis Doll, who left the company that owned the buildings Dueber was working in after a year of Dueber being there, forcing Dueber out of the room he had been working in. Soon after this, in 1864, 21 year old John Dueber would create the Dueber Watch case company. Donald J. Mozart While John Dueber and his family were beginning their new lives in Cincinnati and the Newport area, another immigrant from Italy by the name of Donald J.…show more content…
However during these years as his company grew bigger, the large watch companies such as Hamilton and Elgin realized his success and proceeded to boycott him, saying that he was only making the situation of the underproduction of watch movements worse and because of this the city of Newport imposed extra taxes on John Dueber, however he refused to pay them leaving the city of Newport with only one more choice. He either had to pay the extra taxes in Newport, allowing him to stay or he had to leave Newport a find a new city to grow his
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