John Calvin Argument Examples

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I am not sure what to make of John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian religion. Calvin makes many interesting point when he is talking about what kind of control God exercises over the world. Calvin has a way of trying to make you see his point. Calvin uses examples from the bible. As well as Calvin is trying to put the fear of god into everyone because of his different ideas that he believes in. One of the point I do not understand is that only a select group of people are selected as know as the elect group of people why is that. Calvin theology is biblically based, and it shows the diversity of the "unsearchable depth of the divine judgment", this is a judgment "subordinate to God 's purpose of eternal election". This is saying…show more content…
This leave people in a place where they can just do what ever they want because either way God had already chosen what going to happen to them and there is nothing they can do about it. But, there still must have been people who worked hard for a living because they didn’t know which way god had already chosen for them to go, and they were hoping he choose salvation so they would make him prod by working hard for him now. So what is the definition of Predestination that Calvin talks about all the time anyways? “Predestination is a religious belief involving the relationship between God and His Creation. The general idea behind predestination is that God, before the Creation, predetermined the fate of the universe throughout all of space and time. There are many different views on what the Bible teaches and what this means for mankind and eternity”…show more content…
There are many ways in which I can see his points on the fact that predestination happens. I just don’t see the fact on how it happened before time was created. When he only use biblical evident to prove his point but it do not help because when you look into the facts you see that the passage he bring up were writing after the even had taken place, but they are written in a way in which look like it should have been written before. Both with salvation and condiment you see the key purpose of predestination is to show god’s glory so that he will be satisfied. Calvin says that predestination is only based of God’s will, there is no other reason for it, this is why he say this idea will always be a mystery to mankind. For this reason, Calvin says that to find information about predestination all you need to do is look into the bible. This is Calvin main argument for all of predestination. This is many the reason I don’t agree that predestination exist because Calvin never gives concert proof for his idea. As historians you are told to look for the fact to prove the argument of history but to me he does not give me any proof besides like I said before the
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