John Calvin Informative Speech Outline

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Speech Outline
Title: The 5-points of Calvinism
General Purpose: Inform
Specific Purpose: After listening to my speech my audience will understand what the five points of Calvinism are.

I. Attention grabber: When my boyfriend and I began dating, I waited several weeks before telling him my secret. I told him one day after church that I had something really important to tell him about me. With a slightly startled look in his eyes he asked “What is it?” I answered, “I’m a Calvinist.” I could tell from the puzzled expression on his face that he had no idea what a Calvinist or Calvinism was. Like him, you may not know what a Calvinism is either. It may be a good idea to find out before your next date jut incase our significant
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Calvinism is a system of theology inspired by John Calvin. A. John Calvin was a French reformer of the 16th century. (R. Ward Holder) B. The five points of Calvinism were not written down until after Calvin died. (Montgomery and Jones 132) C. They were written down by fellow reformers at the Synod of Dort. (Foster 165)
Transition: Now that you have some background of John Calvin, let’s jump into the five points.
II. The first letter of TULIP is “T” for total depravity.
A. Total depravity means that all people, since the fall are born with a sinful nature. (Montgomery and Johns 134)
B. We are spiritual zombies from the moment we were conceived and naturally unwilling to turn to God. (Montgomery and Johns 50) (Psalm 51:5)
C. Without regeneration from God, we can never be the kind of good we were created to be. (Foster 37)
Transition: Most non-Calvinist Christians would whole heartedly agree with total depravity. This next point is one of the three that really give people trouble, including my boyfriend, when it comes to understanding. It tends to step on human toes.
III. Unconditional Election is the “U” in TULIP.
A. Unconditional election means God chose particular people to be saved out of his sovereign will. (Ephesians
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VI. “P” is for perseverance of the saints.
A. Perseverance of saints ties into all the other points because it simply means all that all the other points are going to be carried out.
B. Nothing is able to take away the salvation of the elect. (John 10:27-29; Romans 8:38-39) C. God finishes the work he begins. (Montgomery and Jones 131)

I. So now let’s review. Who was John Calvin? John Calvin was a French reformer of the 16th century who inspired Calvinism. What are the five points Calvinism, in short? The five points of Calvinism, represented by the acronym TULIP. And what does each letter stand for? T for total depravity; man is born sinful. U for unconditional election; Salvation is God’s alone choice. L for limited atonement; Christ died for the elect. I is for irresistible grace; the elect come when called. And P is for perseverance of saints; God finishes what he starts.
II. So you know have the T-U-L-I and P down in TULIP right? Just kidding. It’s a lot of information to take in. This is just to give you an overview of who Calvin was and what the five points of Calvinism are before your next date. Maybe you’ll get the courage to ask, “Are you a
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