John Calvin's Influence On The Reformation

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Calvinism is known for being a protestant religion, which means it 's a reformed religion. Reformed by protestant John Calvin. People who believed in Calvinism are called “Calvinists” though Calvinists still believe in the Same God as Christians do, but they have different rules than the other Christian and the Catholics.
John Calvin, born on July 10 1509, and died on May 27 1564. He was known for being the successor for Martin Luther, and was known for reforming the Catholic Church, and renaming his Catholic religion Calvinism, he was also a theologist, one of the most recognized ones.
John also studied at the University Of Orleans in France, and during that time is when he caused the reformation to happen.
In the year 1536, he published
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The message has spread across Europe, along with England, and the reformed Church in the Netherlands. When John Calvin published the book, Institutes Of Christian Religion in the city of Geneva, he wanted to create a fitting, and an optimal protestant community in the way that the Roman Catholic Church in Rome did so. He influenced the Reformation in 2 influential ways, one was that they believed in the same God as the Catholics do, the second one was when he influenced the future protestant led governments to assimilate church authorities into the fairs of the state. ( Writer, Leaf Group. "How Did Calvinism Affect Reformation?" Synonym. Synonym, 30 Aug. 2013. Web. 01 Mar. 2017.)

Since his reformation has effected across europe, in England it also effected King Henry The VIII, Calvin’s reformation has inspired him to make his own reformation and changing the bible from Latin to English, this has helped a lot of people becoming more religious and becoming much more closer to God, and they really acknowledged King Henry VIII for that.

All Calvin needed was to establish an Ideal, and a fitting community for the Protestant religion. And it showed how Calvinism has affected
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