John Calvin's Impact On The Scientific Revolution

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There was a big change in historical events, ideas, and actions in the Renaissance period, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution. There many people who have influenced or impacted the Renaissance in either political, social, religious, economic, educational, environmental, scientific. John Calvin had a great impact on religion in the Reformation period. John Calvin was one of the many people to successfully reform on the church. John Calvin had many people who followed him and agreed with his reformation on the church so he called them Calvinists. Calvinists broke with the Roman Catholic Church, but were different from the Lutherans. In 1536, John Calvin wrote a book, which was about how he believed the Protestant church should be managed. He believed in hard work, discipline, honesty and morality but had fines for swearing, fighting, dancing or laughing in church. He closed theatres and frowned on fancy dresses. Calvinism spread through the movement of people. The spread of Calvinism was a challenge to the Roman Catholic Church which led to many wars across Europe. John Calvin also inspired John Knox who was a Calvinist, John Knox returned to Scotland with great ideas which led to him setting up the Presbyterian Church and overthrowing the Catholic Queen. This summarizes how John Calvin had a great impact on the Reformation period religiously. In the Renaissance there were many great impacts, such as Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press, the Medici family, or
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