John Calvin's Rejection Of Catholic Orthodoxy Analysis

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A) John Calvin’s explanation for his rejection of catholic orthodoxy. John Calvin wrote to the King of France, Francis summarising his explanation for his rebuff of the catholic orthodoxy. In his prefatory address, Calvin outlines his view of the catholic clergy. In his opening address to the King of France, Calvin stresses that it was never his intention to have to write to the king when he began his work of reforms, merely, he intended to educate and inspire people towards godliness. The catholic clergy have detested the writings of Calvin and, so he writes to the king an honest explanation of his doctrine in hope that the King understands the purpose of the doctrine that has disrupted the kingdom. The doctrine that John Calvin declares…show more content…
Their hope and confidence in the only true God and Jesus Christ has resulted in a number of Calvinists beaten by rods, captured in bonds and tortured. Their beliefs cause them to endure ‘the greatest indignity’ and lacerated by slanders. Calvin insinuates that the priesthood manipulates others to ply ‘their enmity’ against Calvin. The true religion which is outlined in scripture is ignorantly ignored by the priesthood and by others. The priesthood doesn’t explore men’s beliefs in Christ and God and are not concerned on the matter, provided that the man submits to the judgement of the church in a concept the clergy profess as implicit faith. Calvin’s augmented relations with the clergy are further aggrieved by their ability to allow the glory of God to be dishonoured by ‘blasphemies’. They don’t attempt to halt such sacrilegious remarks about God. They refuse to intervene because they ought not want those to questions the primacy of the church. The clergy preach for the significance of mass, pilgrimage and express the intention of purgatory but they cannot prove these aspects from the word of God. They argue that one’s faith cannot be secured without faith in these
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