John Calvin's Predestination And Election

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The text shows that John Calvin believed in predestination and election. According to John Calvin predestination is a decree from God that is unchangeable that he made before the creation of the world that he would save some people freely which he called the elect which gave to them eternal life, and the others which he called the reprobate would not be given access to salvation they would have eternal death. His reasoning behind predestination is best described by him in a few different ways. For the most part he said that there was no basis for election outside of God he said that God gave election ” in himself” in that he based his beliefs of predestination on “nothing outside of himself”. John Calvin also believe that the main purpose of predestination is that God would be glorified in praise of the elect for his grace and mercy and in wonderful judgment of the reprobates. Calvin referred to the “calling of…show more content…
He thought this because he believed it involved that the elect that salvation that the elect could get could also be gained by the non elect person as a result of their own effort to salvation. Which I believe from my religion to not be true. I believe that anyone has the open and free will to receive salvation it's not only given to a specific group of people. But Calvin did not believe this to be true he believed that the reprobate are the people that God intentionally chooses to neglect, I don't believe that God neglects anyone that does not neglect him. John Calvin believed firmly in election and predestination and he backed his beliefs with biblical statements. He did a very good job of defending his beliefs and stating facts to prove it. I however do not believe or agree with some of his beliefs but he did a very good job of putting his stamp on his work. I learned a lot from reading this
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