John Chapman's The American Pioneer Johnny Appleseed

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The American Pioneer Johnny Appleseed If you like apples then you owe a thank you to Johnny Appleseed for helping spread them throughout America. Johnny Appleseed was a make believe character that was based on John Chapman. Although many of the facts told in the story did happen, most did not occur in John Chapman’s real life. Even though Johnny’s plantings were minimal, the impact to America was large. He not only helped the world by providing apples, he also with his kind heart and personality. John Chapman, the author of the legend Johnny Appleseed, taught American children the value of hard work and perseverance, though his story is well known, not all of the facts of Johnny Appleseed are true. John Chapman also known as Johnny Appleseed, planted apple orchards across the southeast. Although John Chapman and Johnny Appleseed are very similar, they also had many differences. “John Chapman actually did plant tiny…show more content…
“He would tell stories to children and spread The New Church gospel to the adults, receiving a floor to sleep on for the night, and sometimes supper, in return,” (Wikipedia). He believed that spreading his religion was the most important thing in his life. Johnny made sure that his bible was with him at all times. “Johnny Appleseed never married because he thought romance could wait,” (tooter4kids). Although Johnny never married he, still had many great friendships from everywhere he stayed. He believed that there were more important things in life than just staying with one person. “Johnny Appleseed helped the Native Americans by spreading information from one area to another,” ( Despite Johnny did not always bring good news, the Native Americans still got along with him. Johnny Appleseed made sure that he was helping others. Some say he would not even hurt a fly. Johnny’s personality was to always help others and he certainly lived up to that
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