John Cheever The Swimmer Analysis

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In John Cheever 's “The Swimmer”, Neddy Merrill’s life is surrounded by rose-tinted surrealism. In the story, Neddy decides to be adventurous, and to swim in each of his neighbor’s swimming pools. With each passing pool, and each encounter with his neighbors, the story begins to take a dark turn, and a turn from Neddy’s rosie memories to the hard truth. When Neddy ventures to his old friend’s house, he realizes that they have sold the property awhile ago. He was completely unaware of his friends moving out. Then, he visits the Halloran family. While Neddy is swimming in their pool, Mrs. Halloran says “Why, we heard that you’d sold the house and that your poor children…” to which Neddy replies “I don’t recall having sold the house, and the
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