John Collier's 'My Brother Sam Is Dead'

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Against the War 1775 The breathtaking adventures that Tim and the other characters go on will make you be hanging on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what will happen next. The Meeker family, Father, Mother, Sam, and Tim, are all loyalist to england and the king, except for Sam. Sam is a rebel or so call Patriot. most of the people in Redding and the other colonies are loyalists or tories. Father doesn 't like the war that is going on, he says that is it nonsense. Mother isn 't a big fan either, because she knows that the Patriots are going to lose to the british because the British have the strongest army in the world, she thinks that the patriots are putting their life in danger for nothing. Sam on the other hand thinks otherwise he thinks that it is worth dying to be free, he thinks that they will win the war and no longer be owned by england. In My Brother Sam is Dead, although both sides of shown author 's, Collier and Collier ultimately argue that war is not relevant. One way the authors argue for/against war is there is a division in the Meeker family. For example, Father never wrote to Sam while he was in the war…show more content…
The last way the authors argue for/against war is the principal v.s reality. Sam’s death was one of them. For example, “ Don 't shoot him, don 't shoot him, and at that moment Sam slammed backwards as if he 'd been knocked over by a mallet” (Collier and Collier 208). Another principle v.s. reality is Mr. Meeker 's death. For instance " Having Father gone was strange. The tavern seemed cold and empty, the way it is when you wake up at night and realize that the fires have gone out." (Collier and Collier 127). Tim has to be more mature in order to take care of the tavern and Mother without Father or Sam around to help. And the final principle v.s reality is Ned 's beheading. An example of that is, " Ned 's head jumped off his body and popped into the air" (Collier and Collier 145). Ned was a poor African American slave who got beheaded
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