John Conway Research Paper

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John Horton Conway is an interesting man who has been called a cross between Archimedes, Mick Jagger, and Salvador Dalí. John is a famous mathematician who is responsible for the invention of The Game of Life, the discovery of a new class of new numbers also known as “surreal numbers” and the unearthing of a 24-dimensional symmetry group. In addition, Conway and his partner Simon Norton illuminated the 196,883-dimensional Monster group known as “Monstrous Moonshine.” These things and many more make John Horton Conway one of the best mathematicians to date. As a child John Conway, born on December 26th 1937 in Liverpool, England, as the brother to his two siblings Agnes and Cyril. Conway began to exhibit an astonishing amount of intelligence…show more content…
Online information cite states that a professor of mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell named James Propp said “Conway is the rare sort of mathematician whose ability to connect his pet mathematical interests makes one wonder if he isn’t, at some level, shaping mathematical reality and not just exploring it,” This is just one example of how others view Conway. Another proponent of John’s work is Sir Michael Atiyah who called Conway “the most magical mathematician in the world.” The views and opinions of other people and other mathematicians about Conway’s work not only stems from his contributions to math, but also his interesting personality. John Conway is indeed one of the most interesting people you will meet. Not only did he used to walk the streets of Liverpool barefoot or in”Jesus sandals” , but he is also called “a sort of proto-hippie” by In addition to that, Conway was nicknamed “Mary” by one of his teachers because of his womanish disposition. These things and many more make Conway a very intriguing man.
In summation, mathematician John Horton Conway has accomplished many things in his career. His achievements have proved worthy of many awards, and have greatly contributed to mathematics as a whole. Also, his quirky personality is not only compelling ,but also well like. Therefore, John Horton Conway is by far one of the greatest mathematicians and people thus
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