John Corvino: Unnatural By Society Or Nature?

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Stephanie Camberos Mrs. Ybarra Phil 1C 21 October 2016 Unnatural by society or Nature? Being in favor of homosexuality, John Corvino brings up several arguments and counter arguments as to why homosexual sex is deemed as unnatural in our society. Is it unnatural because majority of society chooses to portray it in such a way or is it unnatural for nature related reasons? John Corvino in this reading discussed both sides when viewing homosexual sex as “unnatural”. First, one must define the meaning of unnatural, and in this case John Corvino defines unnatural in two perspectives. One way people view unnatural is in a sense of being uncommon. For example, majority of people are used to seeing a man and women together because until a few years ago many people didn’t…show more content…
In disagreement, Corvino responds with mentioning there is proven research that some animals do engage in some homosexual activity. Besides the facts, Corvino does mention a marvelous point which is comparing common activity displayed by human against animal’s activity. Obviously, the argument is not entirely valid because humans do not compare everything to animals. For example, we hold a higher intellectual capability, that allows us to engage in more activities such as believing in a God. Animals are not capable of going to church every Sunday and maintaining a spiritual belief as a lifestyle. With that saying, what is to say that just because animals don’t engage in homosexual sex makes it wrong for humans to engage in it. In my opinion, I agree with Corvino on this argument because we can’t compare human activity to some animals as if the animals were holding the correct standard. Homosexual sex by Corvino’s definition is natural because he is actively living a homosexual lifestyle himself, so of course he believes he is not doing anything morally

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