John D. Rockefeller's Influence On The Oil Industry

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There were several line of successful business men and philanthropists, but none like John D. Rockefeller. Being that he was keen with a sharp mind, his goals and aspirations always made spectacular deliveries. John D. Rockefeller was a well renowned entrepreneur and business man who achieved his ideal goals through successes in philanthropy, impact on education, and his trademark in the oil industry. Emphasizing his influence in entrepreneurship as an industrialist, Rockefeller’s hard-work and consistency made an impression on society, and was named as one of America's most successful business men in his time. John D. Rockefeller was born in Richford, New York on July 8 of 1839. He was brought up in a well-rounded family that grew on moral…show more content…
Rockefeller’s legacy was that of a great one, simply because he was the most influential and inspirational. Rockefeller was a religious man above all things, and he believed in his faith. He struggled his way from the bottom to get to the peak of his career as a business man and an entrepreneur. This made him successful and to believe that he can overcome challenges and receive more blessings each and every time. His influence on the oil industry has changed America for the most part, being that it was the most successful competitor during that time. He never cheated his way into anything, but was rather honest and optimistic about his career and everything was strictly business. Rockefeller’s oil industry was among many other successes, but this was by far the most astonishing. He gained a great amount of wealth riches, and was kind enough to use it for a good cause, and thus came the new college buildings funded by him, and his belief in education. He was modest but his heart was outspoken, and he loved to give back to the community. The succession of his donations for school was one of the most amazing things that he could have done with his money. He has donated to so many charities, and especially for the right of students to be entitled to free
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