John D Rockefeller Dbq Essay

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As our country reached the late 1800’s, Americans found themselves face to face with era known as the ‘Gilded Age’. Companies were created and grew rapidly during this time period. Some of the most famous entrepreneurs were John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie, who seemed to be the perfect models for the ‘rags to riches’ story. Many people debate which entrepreneur was a better role-model. Due to his low prices, the high demand for his products, and the way he sought to eliminate any possible competition, John D. Rockefeller is clearly the better role-model for today’s entrepreneurs. By keeping his prices low, Rockefeller strategically lured in customers. “Rockefeller demanded rebates, or discounted rates, from the railroads. He used all these methods to reduce the price of oil to his consumers.” (Source 1 “the New Tycoons- John D. Rockefeller”) Rockefeller did whatever it took to make…show more content…
“When the Civil War came, the demands for his goods increased dramatically, and Rockefeller found himself amassing a small fortune.” (Source 1 “The New Tycoons- John D. Rockefeller”) Generally, when there are many consumers buying from one company, then that establishment has had people within it using wise business tactics. For the Standard Oil Company, that person was John D. Rockefeller. “He shipped so many goods that railroad companies drooled over the prospect of getting his business.” (Source 1 “The New Tycoons- John D. Rockefeller) The want for Rockefeller’s products was only increased by the growth of the good’s shipping rates. Of course, Rockefeller was conscious of this and found a way to use this edge to its full potential. Only an intellectual being would be able to have as large of a command for their products as Rockefeller. Entrepreneurs would be capable of high demand for their goods if Rockefeller was their
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