John Deere Marketing Analysis

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In 1895, John Deere started a quarterly published magazine by the name of ‘The Furrow’ for educating the American farmers on how they can better manage their crops. He never intended to use the journal for promoting the brand. But a century later, this magazine is now one of the leading agricultural journals promoting the brand of John Deere GmbH & Company and is published in fourteen languages with mass readership around the world. This is the effect of time which has changed the course of this journal. Going off with that notion, it would still be fair to put forward that what might be useful today might not be able to compete with the standards of tomorrow. Each passing time will bring a lot of advancements that will point the tipping scale in the favor of future. Vintage Advertisements: The Legacy Whether it is the ‘Doodh ki safedi Nirma se aaye’ or ‘Vico turmeric ayurvedic cream’, each of these products has created an everlasting impression and is in fact, epitomes how well a product can be positioned in the mind of the consumer as well as non-consumer. Facing the constraints of restricted…show more content…
Some of those factors contributing towards change in consumer trends are: 1. Liberalization of the Indian Economy The change in the policy framework of 1991 opened up the Indian market for private and foreign investments. This made the economy much more market oriented and a lot of different players flocked towards it. This increased the competition to the levels never achieved before and compelled the marketers to look out for more effective routes for information dissemination. 2. Rapid Urbanization Urbanization has taken place at a very rapid rate in India and this has resulted in the genesis of a new breed of population called

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