John Denver Cover Analysis

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Why on earth would someone pick a John Denver album cover to write a report? There are numerous covers out there that are more vibrate and possible tell a better story that a John Denver cover. However, I am a simple man who grew up appreciating the simple things in life, and that is why I choose this album cover.
John Denver wrote a lot of songs about his love for nature, and the beauty that we take for granted on a daily bases. One of his songs “Rocky Mountain High” was recorded in 1972 and made its way into the top ten on the US HOT 100 in 1973. In this song he describes the simple life that that mountains are able to bring. He described the mountains as cathedrals and how the clouds looked like silver. On the album cover in the background are the very mountains he was talking about, and they do look like great cathedrals rising out of the ground. He is standing a meadow at the base of one of these cathedrals, and you get a picture of the solitude and peace he was singing about.
Another one of my favorites is called “Sunshine on My
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John did something other than right great songs that remind us of the beauty that surrounds us; he went on to one of the biggest advocates for it. He testified before congress on several occasion in support of legislation that would protect our natural wonders for generations to come. The album cover goes to show just how much he loved this land we call home. He is standing with his hat tilted back slightly and his hands on his hips just like many farmers do after a long day of planting their fields. You can see a sense of pride on his face, and responsibility in his posture. John Denver did a lot for our lands, and also produced some great music that helps us remember those things we take for granted every day. I know for me if I need a pick me up I can always get a smile from one of John Denver’s
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