John Dewey Thinking In Education Analysis

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The Discussion of a Lifetime I’ve began my day with an experience of a lifetime, I was able to have a discussion with my acquaintance’s Freire, Dewey, Cox, and Hsun. Which they then discussed and tried to convince me that, education is a necessity which has different methods of education to reach your highest potential. Into this conversation I found out that the most desired method by the educational system is the “banking concept” which U.S. colleges should break from this education system. Due to the concept there is a lot of pressure which is creating knowledge to be thrown at you, which is hard to retain and understand the information given. Which is making it unable to reach the highest potential you can achieve, that’s why we should…show more content…
Dewey has me believing his theory of this is that the students come into a classroom with a problem that is “living up to a teachers requirements” as students call it. The problem is that the teacher wants us to know what they know and for us as a student to be able to satisfy them with the knowledge teachers believe we have. Dewey has a similar article to Freire they both believe in a type of educational tool for students. Dewey perspective is broader, that we have a well maintained standard of learning and the educational system should continue these methods because by adapting to the teacher’s requirements in order for use to learn what needs to be…show more content…
That we should be able to follow a path and grow. Where knowledge is thrown upon us and we must make the sacrifice to become a “sage” and not only make sacrifices but to succeed in what we want. That we must want to learn from someone with higher education and more knowledge aka “the professor” because they have been down the path we are on now. So we can become successful and be able to answer to our self and Hsun Tzu believes. Between the other authors I do believe we have this “banking concept” educational system in our schools. Which I disagree upon we shouldn’t need to learn just the text book materials that are required. Since these teachers are well educated, we should go beyond measures to learn what they know and be able to go into a depth of conversations without having this fear Rebecca Cox
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