John Dewey's Learning Theory And Social Interaction

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Learning is an ongoing process that is also learned in social interaction. Students interact with peers and teachers by sharing their thoughts and ideas through direct interaction. In this scenario, learning process occurs in more holistic way if there are share in both human mind and the relationship in your society. Like what John Dewey believes in his learning theory, "educational process has two sides -- one is psychological and the other is sociological."

Many people find that there are hindrances for their ability to access learning.

One of those issues is the problem in social interaction .Social interaction plays an

integral part for the development of every individual. It begins from our childhood that

started to know what we are and know the expectation of others to us. Also,

member of the families and friends contributes a lot in children growth and

development. They become more and more interested in playing and interacting with

other children. When playing with others, children learn appropriate social behaviors,

such as sharing, cooperating, and respecting the property of others. In addition, while

interacting with their peers, children learn three domain of learning without recognizing

it: the cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

As children 's grows older, their competent in social interaction changes by whom he/she encountered. They gain a lot of social skill that boosts their self esteem to interact with others ( It
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