John Doe Research Paper

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Using the individual versus community we are forced to make a decision to either honor the John Doe or to do what is best for the community and put his organs up for donation. If we choose to honor the dead John Doe we would not donate his organs to the others that are on the transplant list seeing that we do not know if that is what he would have wanted for himself in his life. We do not know if donating his organs goes against his religion, beliefs, or personal standards. However, if we think about the community, more people would benefit from the organs if they were donated then if they were kept with the John doe. More people die waiting for organs than the amount of people who receive a second chance from being on the list, so as a community we should take every step we can to save the members of the community.…show more content…
On the grounds of using justice people (should) want to respectfully bury the person who has died by taking every step to make the body presentable, planning a funeral, and leaving the body left alone as much as possible. But, if the organs are harvested for donation that would not be just and would not respect the deceased. On the other hand, should mercy be given to those who are still living? Would it be honorable of the John doe to make one last effort at helping people by having his organs donated? By practicing mercy on the living we are giving them the opportunity to live, and with that life they can influence others in a positive light and make the world a better
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