John Donne: Gender Inequality In Literature

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Gender issues have been a rising topic of conversation in the twenty-first century, with more people understanding and addressing the inequality that has been a part of society for many centuries. Equality is developing in the world, but has not yet developed. Attitudes toward gender has impacted this. Renowned works of literature contain the elements such as originality, creativity and characters that contribute to the title of ‘renowned.’ However, even in the greatest piece of literature, the chances are a Renaissance piece of work will contain the gender imbalance, as will the great drama and poetry that comes before and after up to a certain time. John Donne is a renaissance poet known for his many combination of themes, from religion to romance, Donne’s literature career was widespan. Donne began his life as a Catholic and wrote many poems to stand for this but in later life converted to the Anglican Church, which also developed his later poetry. His religious conversion is highlighted in his poetry, as well as his struggles in life. Donne did not live an easy life nor one of luxury. His brother was incarcerated and he had several children pass away young. He suffered from poverty with his children and when given employment in Parliament, it was unpaid. His poetry exhibits his struggles with his personal and religious life but his passion in sex and relationships convey some of his more popular works, being featured continuously in modern culture. Donne is popular for

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