John Dore Satire

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Comedy is something that can be expressed or acted out in a number of different ways. It can be stand-up comedy or a comedic television show. Comedy can be a romantic comedy movie or it could be a clever joke someone thought of and uses it whenever possible. Comedy typically has little to no boundaries in what is said or done during the half an hour to an hour long presentation. At the Comedy Attic in Bloomington the comedic that our class went to see was Jon Dore. He was not the only one who presented some jokes, the emcee also said a few of his own and there was also an opener. Although the overall show was amusing there was distinct parts where some jokes were rather tense and not politically correct. However, what is the definition of…show more content…
Dore knew that as a staree and a comedian he had the power to reverse the role onto his unsuspecting audience members. He would scan the crowd and pick people out to be stared at and it worked. He picked a couple, a man in the front row, me and a couple other students from the class. Dore reversed the role but having the rest of the audience stare at us while he asked us questions focusing on us while also making jokes. He made quite a few good jokes but what started the downfall of his performance was that he specific told the audience he was trying all new stuff, that we were his guinea pigs. This irritated me because we were nothing more than test subjects for jokes that he would use in later gigs that he deemed more important. He was also drinking the whole time, spilling on himself occasionally, which probably did not help…show more content…
He joked about alcoholism saying they were “missing out on the good stuff” and to start over again. This is not the correct way to talk about something that is a serious problem for some. People struggle with alcoholism, something that could have potential ruined their lives at one point or another along the way of sobriety. Another instance was when he discussed little people. Dore eventually said that he might as well call them “midgets” because it was the way people understood because to him little people meant child which is a negative comparison and rude. Even in the face of my gender studies professor he would also use incorrect gender identification because although he said he was interested in his body language he did not actually care but rather creating his next group of jokes for the next
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