John Duffy's 'Virtuous Arguments' Reading Response

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“Virtuous Arguments” Reading Response Through John Duffy’s written works, he stated that Rush Limbaugh’s sexist comments were insults towards the Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke. John Duffy describes in a well-written manner how critical it is to have knowledge in having an opinion towards a certain topic and commenting about it in a structured format. John Duffy states that rhetoric has taken a turn into a negative path to where people do not care about what they say anymore to the public. John Duffy suggested that Rush Limbaugh was being sexist towards Sandra Fluke on public radio. We should be respectful of other people’s beliefs and or values, because if we have dissimilar opinions we need to be cautious in verbalizing those thoughts so that we do not offend others. John Duffy later states that rhetoric is being used in a negative way in news…show more content…
Sandra Fluke’s opinion over this matter has impacted many people and she has, by some means, persuaded numerous people to agree with her opinion on this argument. On the other hand, Limbaugh lost many advertisers and suffered a major loss on his radio talk show. Duffy states how important it is to know how to speak in well-manner style in an argument if you want to accurately get your message across. The author states that college students need to know how to act in a mature manner when having an argument about a certain topic. Duffy talks about how students should have the capability to understand that when confronting an argument there must be evidence to back up the argument. John Duffy makes a pivotal point. Us students should take advantage of the vital writing courses offered at the universities to further our education as well as our life skills. Learning to make a valid argument is a necessary tool in college to achieve a valid viewpoint from both sides of the given
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