John Edwards: Population Growth In The New World

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John Edwards was an important figure in early American History. John, delivered several speeches to the American colonies. Many of the early settlers came to the new land seeking religious freedom one that was not afforded to them in England. Because the colonies were still under the rule of England, they continued to operate for the benefit of the crown. England was more concerned with the colonies ability to produce vital resource for economical gains rather that than the colonist desires. Early settlers in the Southern colonies were form to seek economic gains for England while later Northern colonies were formed by individuals seeking to practice their religious faith without persecution. Economic gains had little concern for them.…show more content…
Although some convicts were sentence to serve their time in the New World as workers, many immigrated from other parts of the Europe as indengent servants seeking a better life. Many of them were skilled in craft and trades such as masonry, carpentry, and blacksmith that were important to the building of the New World. The largest population in the New World came with the Slave trade. Plantation owners viewed indigent servitudes and slaves as a valuable asset to the economic growth of the New World especially in the south. Southern planters began to govern base on a class system where rights were given only to the wealthy. People in all colonies began to follow suit and chase the dream of wealth moving away…show more content…
The wealthy class was made up by a small minority. The population growth produce more working class and poor people. Those groups of people were seeking the same opportunities as the wealthy class which created a movement. The new pursuit for material wealth sparked religious leaders like John Edwards who delivered a powerful sermon to the puritans that reminded them of why they made the journey to the new world. The Puritans desired to be free from the control of the crown and to be ruled by God 's Law. They believed that by following God 's Law they wouldn 't be able to unite as a community and God will supply all of there needs. Hierarchy control that was practice by the crown was not according to God 's plan therefore Edwards urge the people to resist England and strike down any enemy that goes against God 's plan that every man under the church should have a say in the rules that govern their everyday life. The colonies wanted to be totally in control of the New World desperate from England. The colonies created new governing document and ceased control by England and gaining control of their own
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