John Eighner's Dumpster Diving

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Eighner depicts “Dumpster diving” with positive aspects for someone who is homeless. Through the art he narrates life lessons. People trying to be polite use the verb “foraging”, but in Eighner’s eyes he prefers to save it for small forest animals collecting nuts and berries. Eighner prefers “scavenging” because he understands the mind of a scavenger. Fundamentally, “they must restrict themselves to items of relatively immediate utility.” On the contrast, he uses “scrounging” when he means to be vague. Eighner cites “scrounging” with a negative connotation. He refers to can scroungers as drug addicts because they “must have small amounts of cash.” In Eighner’s opinion scroungers only see cans causing them to liter, disrupt the contents and

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