John Erikson's Theory Of Attachment

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Theories, Key Concepts, Principles, and Assumptions Two theories that will be discussed in this paper is Erik Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development and John Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment. Erikson’s theory is considered psychosocial, emphasizing the importance of social and cultural factors within a lifespan, from infancy to later adulthood. Erikson’s theory is broken down into eight consecutive age-defined stages. During each stage, a person experiences a psychosocial crisis that contributes to their personality development. Erikson was highly influenced by Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytical Theory of Development. Although, at first Freud was limited to childhood based on the phallic stage, Erikson focused on developing a lifespan theory. …show more content…

Shame and Doubt (toddlerhood): Following infants’ understanding of a predictable environment, toddlers are starting to realize if they can depend on others. At this stage, toddlers are a step towards developing as an individual, in other words, developing a sense of autonomy. This is when toddlers are developing motor skills. For example, toddlers are typically in the process of toilet training. Although, toddlers have little control in the world, this is when they start to feel they have some control, and are expected to exercise it. If they are unable to develop certain motor skills, they will develop shame and doubt about their inability to develop …show more content…

The reason these two were chosen because human relationships can determine a person’s psychological outcome. Infants that develop secure relationships, are often able to create strong relationships as they get older. Infants that have not developed secure relationships are more willing to not develop relationships, and can characteristically become antisocial. Although, some infants were not lucky enough to obtain trustworthy relationships they should still get a chance to obtain and maintain relationships later on in life. It may not be the same as others that were secure, but at least they can receive a chance of knowing what it feels like to trust someone, and being there for others besides themselves. The Black Perspective is highly influenced by these theories based on strengths. Some individuals will not be fully developed as others. Everyone goes through adversities in their lives, however, we have to be resilient in order to move forward. We will not be stuck in the same place forever without pushing towards greatness. As for the infants that are not getting the care they need in order to develop correctly, there are many other ways for them to become developed. It may not be right as fast it should be; however, it is

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