John F. Kennedy: A True American Hero

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History is written by the victors, the winners. The victims, the ones who gave their lives will be the ones the winners will write about. John F. Kennedy was the 35 president of the United States of America. At the time, he was the youngest president to be elected. He Married to Jacquclin Kennedy with four kids for ten lovey years before Kennedy was assassinate on November 22, 1963; On his way to deliver a speech to the people of Texas, told by The Official Government Version of the warren commission report. This is JFK, a president betrayed.
Kennedy was shot by a lone gun man by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed president John F. Kennedy. On this day we lost a true American hero, from his quotes that our still used today to the
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On October 17, 1962, American spy planes photographed these missile sites under construction. Kennedy responded by placing a naval blockade, which he referred to as "quarantine," around Cuba. While his generals and senior advisors were telling him to plan a full-scale raid of the island and while it is underway they all would slip away to the safety of their nuclear bunkers. John Kennedy said no and that if anyone were to die today it were to be them sitting as they were in the white house, the prime targets of those Russian nuclear missiles. JFK saved not only you, but, the entire world that day from nuclear holocaust. “War is no longer an alternative, we the people must stop war, or war will most certainly stop us” (JFK).
On Nov. 22, 1963, president Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas Texas. In the graphic film “Zapuder Film” taken by Aberham Zapuder where was standing on a concrete pedestal along Elm Street in Dealey Plaza just feet from the presidential limousine while taking the video on a home camera. Now if you watch this footage it is clear that Kennedy could not of been shot from behind like how the official warren
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(You can find great footage and picture of these accounts at the national archives website) Malcolm Kilduff was JFK’s assistant press secretary and with him the day he died. He held a press conference moments after he was sure of our president death and on national television he said that President JFK was shot and killed by a bullet to the right front of the head. In this footage, Kilduff said one critical thing and did another. What he did was place his index finger pointing straight to the right front just above the temple where in footage you can see JFK was hit. This is probably because that’s how the doctors would have described it to him, prior to the meeting. What he had said was in response to a question. A report asked to see the president, Kilduff has told them that he has left and for security purposed he cannot discuss travel plans. This is because they were never allowed to move the president in the first place. Aside from all that JFK had a gapping exit whole in the back of his head this was never told to us as a lie, just covered up with substantial amount of evidence. Every doctor that saw president Kennedy that day will testify that he did have a large exit wound in the back of his head. Who could cover something like this up and
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