John F Kennedy And Bill Clinton Essay

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Over a period of time, important figures in our society, Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy, each have written a speech regarding a mournful topic; Clinton giving a speech titled,” Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Address”, and Kennedy giving a speech titled , “ A Eulogy For Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr.” . These speeches each are equal, mainly in terms of them both addressing subjects that will get cheerless emotions from the audience and others, and have been intentionally written to comfort and address to those around them, being the audience and other American citizens. Clinton and Kennedy, in each of their speeches, both showcase their perspective that hatred will not resolve our issues, but Clinton’s main perspective is to not look into the past, but forward into the future, whereas …show more content…

Clinton’s main perspective is to not look into the past, but forward into the future and not be overcome by hate. He states in his speech, that “a tree takes a long time to grow, and wounds take a long time to heal. But we must begin.” What Clinton means by this is that, we need to grow and heal. Like a tree, in time takes an extremely long time to grow and sprout, and wounds of any sort, whether physical or emotional, as well take a long time to heal. We as people, should do the same. We should heal and grow from this experience. Looking into the past of this situation will not be of benefit to anyone. To Kennedy’s side, his main perspective is that our wounds will heal over with time, but not with hatred. He says in his speech that, “replace that violence, that stain of bloodshed that has spread across our land, with an effort to understand with compassion and love." He is trying to explain that, violence needs to be replaced with love. At the moment that the given audience must’ve heard the

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