John F Kennedy Inaugural Speech On Hard Work

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Hard Work Everyone has at least one thing that they truly work hard for. In John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address and the movie Eddie the Eagle the belief of hard work is expressed. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address was about bringing the country together to work towards a common goal. The movie Eddie the Eagle is about a boy who always wanted to go to the Olympics and works his way up from the bottom to get there. Although hard work is expressed differently in Eddie the Eagle and Kennedy’s Inaugural Address they both show the importance of dedication for success. Kennedy shows a strong belief in hard work in his Inaugural Address. He talks about people taking care of their own responsibilities and working their best. This is because if everyone works hard the country itself can become a better place. He Believes if every individual puts in the effort the country rises as a whole. “In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course” (Kennedy ¶7). Kennedy is saying that …show more content…

Eddie always wanted to go to the Olympics. He finally found a sport he liked, but was not very good. He worked his way up from the bottom to the best. He eventually got into the Olympics like he always wanted to. “You’re not gonna give up, are you” (Peary). Peary is Eddie’s coach and this is his reminder to Eddie that he can never give up no matter how hard the work ahead is because it all pays back in the end. “You want your moment, Eddie, you gotta do this for real” (Peary). This is another reminder from Eddie’s coach that if he wants to win, he can no longer fake it. He has to actually put forward everything and endure the struggle to get to the top. Eddie the Eagle demonstrates hard work by enduring a lot of time and effort to make it to number one in the Olympics. He set up a goal and the amount of work he put in was the deciding factor on whether he would achieve or fail that

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