John F Kennedy Informative Speech

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“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present will certain to miss the future.” -John F. Kennedy The reason I chose JFK is because he was a president that everyone had loved. They loved him for his views on America and it tragically ended with assassination in Texas. John Fitzgerald Kennedy came into the world on May twenty-nine, 1972 in Brookline, Massachusetts to what soon would be a total of nine children in the house, John F. Kennedy’s life was surely a full one. There was never a dull moment in his life. He grew up as the second eldest son. HIs life always had some politics in it, especially having a father, Joseph Kennedy, as a leading member of the Democratic party. He once said,”The cost…show more content…
There was a few positive things as being a new president, he was the first Roman Catholic in the White House, youngest man in office, and the 35th president in the White House. During him being in the White house he wanted to offer America’s beliefs in human rights by starting a civil rights legislation and a stop on poverty and degradation. Kennedy was only in office for 1000 days. He was assassinated on November 11, 1960 in South Dallas. The only man who said they saw the person kill the former president came from Midlothian, Texas. But Kennedy’s mysterious murder will always be unknown because a couple of days before the trial the man was killed in a car crash. The spot where he was assassinated was covered with an unofficial red “X”, but it is no longer there due to the road being repaved. The news of his assassination spread like a wildfire with nine-out- of-ten Americans knowing about it within the first hour after his death. His legacy still lives on with the half dollar, and his face being on it. John F. Kennedy was a political man who had many political positions, also a place in the navy. We all know him as the youngest president, or the 35th president that is on the half dollar. With him only being in office for 1000 days. He made an impact on America with letting us explore new land on the moon and many
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