John F Kennedy Jfk Assassination Conspiracy

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After the long and mysterious fifty two years people still do not know what happened to John F. Kennedy. There are so many theories about the truth and what happened on that day yet no one knows the truth. People think that JFK died to every possible outcome there is to Lee Harvey Oswald did it to his own wife killing him. There are so many ideas but how can you narrow it down to a few people when only a third of the population is still alive when the assassination happened. While JFK was doing everything he could do to keep America safe and protected from many things, he still paid the ultimate price for his cause. One of the ultimate conspiracy theories of all time, can be narrowed down real quick, yet there are so many, how do you just find…show more content…
They didn’t like him being honest to the public and they didn’t want him putting “classified information” that we should be able to know. The government wants everything to be a secret. So in saying that, one of the first organizations that wanted him dead is the CIA. Since many think that Oswald was an one man army, he actually had many ties to the CIA themselves. When Oswald was in New Orleans, he had been in contact with Guy Banister that has definite ties with the CIA and the FBI. With that he has also with an anti castro group in New Orleans which makes no sense whatsoever, since JFK was fighting Castro and Castro was fighting all non supporters. In saying that, Oswald had secret contacts with either the CIA or the FBI, and the CIA has been lying about various things, yet there is not enough evidence to prove that the CIA bought and used Lee Harvey Oswald as bait so they would not get caught. A second organization that wanted JFK’s head was the Mafia themselves. The CIA was even in contact with them and they have discussed the issues about the president. They reached a conclusion and found evidence that they wanted and or needed him dead. That him is actually Castro himself not Kennedy. Still on that note though, there are people that say they asked the Mafia to kill JFK on their way to kill Castro because of his acts in government. They are a big part of the organized crime that JFK wanted to stop. Lastly, the KGB wanted JFK dead for many reason also. Lee Harvey Oswald the one man army was actually in a real army before he came to America. May be a coincidence, but he also married a russian woman and he has contacts from the Soviet Union army. What really sparked this ideology is the KBG hired a contract to kill JFK’s girlfriend a year after JFK’s death. When they interviewed her ex husband he said that the people that killed JFK killed his ex wife. All in all, JFK wanted so much change to the fact
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