John F Kennedy Oath Of Office

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Like a company cutting the ribbon to the new building they plan on using, or when Apple drops the curtain to unveil a new piece of electronic technology, the same thought focus, as John F. Kennedy was taking office, that one could not help but believe that the United States of America was on the road towards becoming a nation of great virtue and amplitude even more than it already was. The first document is John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address. This is a speech of dignity and hope for the American people, as well as the world. Kennedy speaks about the advancements made in technological warfare and partitions with other countries to set aside unnecessary reasons of aggression before total world annihilation happens due to an accidental or intentional…show more content…
Kennedy as well. In the center of the photo is the Presidential Seal which signifies John F. Kennedy taking office. The photo has almost a sense of greatness, of how the United States is and will continue to be the most mighty and great nation ever. The future holds things no one can predict. The good leadership of those before is the only thing that can steer a nation of youths in the right direction. Those such as Kennedy, Eisenhower and many others let a footprint on this country and established values that will forever be remembered by all those who wish to remember and will forever haunt the minds of all who wish to oppose the United
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