John F Kennedy Perseverance Examples

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The Dream of Perseverance The American dream is about making it through the hard times and obstacles to succeed, to make it through, one must persevere. In John F Kennedy’s ‘Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961” and Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky, November 20, 1961”, perseverance is very well represented, in different aspects. In JFK’s speech, he speaks of a free world, persevering through forces that would try and take that freedom. He also speaks of a world that can survive through the scary times, that were the Cold War. In Sylvester Stallone’s movie, Rocky, against all odds, Rocky makes it from the bottom of life, to the top, through perseverance. Rocky also must persevere against social issues, such as poverty. Even though both Kennedy and Stallone show perseverance in very different ways, both have the same underlying belief. In John F Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, Kennedy speaks about the importance of preserving capitalism and liberty in the face of communism, and persevering throughout the ordeal. “The torch has passed to a new generation of…show more content…
JFK focuses on persevering against the outside forces, and how to keep a positive outlook on life, while still making it through the obstacles. Stallone tries to show his viewers the fight against the outside forces, but also the inside forces. While Rocky is beating back his opponents in the ring and persevering against all the tough opponents and poverty, he is also in a fist fight with himself, and his confidence, especially in the beginning of the movie. Through Kennedy’s speech, he tells us how we must persevere against the Soviet Union and all that would oppress the free. But, even with that, through the hard times the American people needed a symbol of hope. Rocky, was that hope, through persevering through all odds, beating back the Soviet machine, and persevered through, by climbing to the top through poverty and hard
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