John F Kennedy Profiles In Courage Analysis

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In John F. Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage, he says there are three reasons why it can be very difficult for politicians to do what they believe is best. He writes the first reason is, “Americans want to be liked – and Senators are no exception.” To further his point, he includes, “We [Senators] prefer praise to abuse, popularity to contempt,” The second reason is the, “desire to be re-elected,” he proceeds. Kennedy writes, “Where else, in a non-totalitarian country, but in the political profession is the individual expected to sacrifice all – including his own career – for the national good,” to illustrate how much pressure Senators face. He says the most significant reason is, “The pressure of his constituency, the interest groups, the organized letter writers, the economic blocs and even the average voter,” (Kennedy). Senator Richard Durbin displayed political courage in what he did. Richard Durbin is a senator from Illinois who wanted to protect the civil rights of American Muslims. Among other positions, Durbin was part of the US House of Representatives, Chair of the Illinois State…show more content…
Durbin not only supported such a group, he was was the driving force to in attempting to acquire civil rights for Muslim Americans. In doing such a thing, he was putting his career on the line. It was very likely that he would lose supporters by supporting Muslims, since they are a group that is very discriminated against. He knew this and continued forward in what he was doing. Though he did not get the rights Muslim Americans, he did draw attention to how wrong some public opinions about Muslim Americans are (Shariah). Such actions could only have been pulled off by someone who had complete confidence in what they were doing. Through his battle for Muslim American rights, Senator Richard Durbin displayed immense political
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