John F Kennedy Raise In Steel Prices Essay

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In 1962 United States Steel and other leading steel corporations increased their steel prices, despite of the fact that the United States was emerging from a recession. John F. Kennedy, the United States President at that time, felt as if steel companies were showing an unjustifiable and irresponsible defiance of public interest. Because of this he decided to release his commentary on the steel companies increased steel prices to all American citizens in a news conference. Kennedy used logos and cause and effect to convince steel companies to lower their prices, and to let America citizens know that he understood the economic struggles American citizens faced, and was not in favor of the steel companies increased steel prices.
Kennedy begins his commentary by acknowledging the seriousness and significance of the United States’ economic position. He creates a logical argument that steel companies should lower their steel prices because the raise in steel prices is not in the public’s best interest by giving some examples of sacrifices made by everyday American citizens. When giving examples of sacrifices made by
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When explaining this relationship Kennedy states, “it would surely handicap our efforts to induce other industries and unions to adopt responsible price and wage policies”. Kennedy shows that the raise in steel prices goes against what he has been trying to implement as president. By pointing out the negative effects the raise in steel prices will have on American citizens and American industry, Kennedy is able to show his audience that he is not okay, and does agree with the steel corporation’s increased steel prices. This enables Kennedy to relate to his audience, and to let them know that he is on there side and is not in favor with the corporation’s decisions to raise the prices of
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