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John Fitzgerald Kennedy Have you ever wanted to meet a president that was the only Irish catholic to take office, and served in the U.S House of Reps and U.S senate. Well, thats exactly what John Fitzgerald Kennedy was. Not only was he very interesting, but his personal life was actual pretty cool. John F. Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. John was nicknamed jack because he was the second oldest of his siblings. He grow up with a wealthy prominent Irish catholic Family. His Great grandpa was a wealthy banker and liquor trader. Kennedy attended a catholic boys boarding school in Connecticut called Canterbury. He was a poor student after the reprimands of his father. Later in his teens Kennedy was very bookish …show more content…

On August 2nd, 1943 his boat, PT-109, was rammed by a Japanese warship and split in two. Two Sailors died and kennedy was badly hurt in his back. Kennedy lead the survivors to a nearby island where they were rescued six days later. In 1952 Seeking better influence on a larger platform, Kennedy challenged Republican Henry Cabot For is seat in the U.S Senate. Once again backed by his father’s financial resources, Kennedy hired his younger brother Robert as his Campaign manager. Kennedy Went on to win the election and shortly after he met a beautiful young woman named Jacqueline Bouvier at a dinner party and in his own words, “Leaned across the asparagus and asked her for a date.” They were married on September 12th, 1953. Kennedy being 8 years of senate was relatively coming to an end, he wanted bigger and better achievements. In the 1960 Democratic primaries, Kennedy outmaneuvered his main opponent, Hubert Humphrey, with superior organization and financial resources. Selecting senate Majority leader Lyndon B. Johnson as his running mate, Kennedy faced Vice President Richard Nixon in the General Election. The election Turned largely on a series of televised national debates Kennedy and Nixon. Nixon was a experienced and skilled debater, by appearing relaxed, heathy and vigorous in contrast to his opponent Kennedy. On November 8th …show more content…

The next day he rode along in a Lincoln Continental Convertible with his wife and the Governor of Texas John Connally through a cheering crowd. A 24 - year old man named Lee Harvey Oswald, a former marine with a love for the Soviets. He fired a Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle Missing the first time and then hitting the President in the head Twice. The bullet went straight thought his head and into the Governor of Texas. There have been many conspiracies and theories ever since Kennedy was assassinated. But the Official version of events remains the most plausible cause is Lee Harvey acted

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