John F Kennedy Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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On April 10, 1962, steel companies raised the prices by 3.5 percent of their products. President John F. Kennedy had tried to maintain steel prices at a stable rate. President John F. Kennedy, known for his diligence and persuasion, held a news conference about the hikes in steel prices. President John F. Kennedy, in his speech, uses rhetorical strategies such as diction, emotional appeals, and a persuasive tone to convince Americans that steel companies are declining the standards to maintain stable prices. Kennedy states that the steel companies are a national problem due to the increase of steel prices. His use of words such as “unjustifiable”, “irresponsible” and “defiance” indicate that the rise in steel prices is a selfish act. He carefully…show more content…
Kennedy appeal to his audience emotions, “…we are asking Reservist to leave their homes and families…service men to risk their live‒and four week killed in the last two days in Viet Nam‒” (9-13). The fact that four people gave up their lives to protect citizens of America appeal emotional to the audience. The audience emotions allows then to agree with Kennedy that the steel companies should not have change their prices. In addition, Kennedy uses multitude of statistics in his speech. Kennedy mention, “Employment costs per unit of steel output in 1961 were essentially the same as they were in 1958” (60-61). He want his audience to disapprove with the steel companies plans. These facts convince the audience that Kennedy is right that the steel companies should not increase the steel prices because of the recession. The numerous statistics shows how unbalance the economy is and support Kennedy’s plan to stabilize the steel prices. In conclusion, Kennedy use of diction, emotional appeals, and a persuasive tone convince Americans to change their opinion and despise the steel companies. He want his nation attention to rally them up to look down upon the steel corporations. He want the Americans to realize that the steel companies are greedy and heartless and does not care about them. Kennedy is scolding the steel companies because they are irresponsible and unjustifiable. Kennedy
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