Jfk Inaugural Address Analysis Essay

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An Olive Branch in Troubled Times On January 20, 1961, President John F. Kennedy delivered his famous inaugural address in the middle of the cold war. The conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union had caused much division in the United States election, resulting in his narrow victory. Kennedy, at the time he took the presidential office, was the first Roman Catholic and the youngest president to ever hold the position. These two factors caused even more speculation on whether Kennedy was a fit president especially at such a conflicted time. With this tension in mind, Kennedy sought to unite the divided country and reinvigorate patriotism in the new generation of Americans. He accomplished this task through using diction, rhetorical tropes, and modes of persuasion in his inaugural address when he took the office. Despite his young age, Kennedy confidently takes the presidential office by using archaic and abstract diction in his inaugural address. Wanting to assure his country that he is a leader who his country can trust, Kennedy implements words such as “asunder”, “forebears”, and “anew” to set a formal and old-fashioned tone to…show more content…
He scatters the words “let us” throughout his speech in order to emphasize the need for unification. Kennedy makes use of the unifying power of language to bind the division in the United States and mend the tensions. Kennedy also urges the public to “Let both sides unite to heed in all corners of the earth [as it is] the command of Isaiah.” By appealing to people’s core beliefs, their religion, he aims to resolve the religious tension that has divided the public. Kennedy seeks to convince his audience that even though he is of a different denomination of Christianity, he still shares the same Christian values. He utilizes religion as it is a major unifying factor to bring the public together towards a common
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