John F. Kennedy's Legacy

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“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” (President John F. Kennedy). John Fitzgerald Kennedy is a man who still burns bright in the memory of millions of Americans to this day. When one mentions the name John Kennedy, it resurrects numerous memories and emotions in the minds of nearly everyone. Even those born well after November 22, 1963 have great respect and admiration for our 35th president of the United States. One could ask almost every American citizen if they have heard of the name JFK and the majority would undoubtedly say yes. However, although this almost ghostlike figure still looms in American life to this very day, what makes his legacy so memorable? Why is JFK revered in such high esteem…show more content…
The world remembers John F. Kennedy today because his face was in the living room of nearly every American’s house from his campaign in 1960 until his death in 1963. Many people who watched the debates between Kennedy and Nixon on television would choose JFK as the winner, but those who only listened to the debate thought otherwise. This goes to show how charismatic and charming JFK was and how he was the first real president to win in large part due to his personality. The Kennedy family was borderline royal in America during the 1960’s and the young image of John Kennedy still lives in the minds of many to this day. John Kennedy established the modern day trend of American Presidents possessing a celebrity like quality. When investigating five ways JFK still influences presidents today, an NPR article mentions, “Long Before Obama, it was Kennedy who first embodied both Hollywood-like celebrity and charisma in a presidential candidate” (Frank). JFK forced the country to investigate a candidate’s personality in addition to their experience. Kennedy’s good looks, well-groomed hair, and seemingly perfect family made him the candidate of the future. In today’s world, a presidential candidate must not only worry about their own appearance but also the appearance of their entire family, and JFK is to blame. The image of the young forty-six year old President being shot down in Dealey Plaza will forever live in the minds of Americans and keep his legacy for
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