John Feinstein's Change-Up And Strike Three, You Re Dead

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When people make a mistake, they often feel a sense of guilt and unpleasantness, which usually is a direct result of their accidental action. However, there is always an opportunity to learn from that mistake and an opportunity for a second chance from that mistake. The books Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series by John Feinstein and Strike Three; You’re Dead by Josh Berk demonstrate that people learn important and meaningful life lessons from mistakes they made. In Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series, lessons include that fair and accurate reporting is essential to a well-developed and unbiased story, and that people often dwell on the past, when in reality, they should look into the future optimistically, and in Strike Three; You’re…show more content…
After the release of the story to the public, Norbert Doyle admits to all of his actions he did in the past including the murder of his wife and the number of illegal drugs he used. Due to these circumstances, Norbert Doyle receives a suspension for most of the year, which involves him missing the rest of the regular season. It was obvious his suspension upset him because of his prior actions: “Doyle made a nice big dent in the locker in the locker room, but he was ready to embrace his consequences and watch his team play without him for the remainder of the regular season” (Feinstein 310). When Steve interviewed Norbert Doyle, Doyle claimed that he had to be optimistic and ardent for the future and that he had to be ready when he is able to pitch. However, Doyle is available to pitch in the postseason after his regular season ban, and when Doyle makes his first start in the postseason, he only gives up two runs in seven innings. Doyle enjoys the progress he attained, and it seems that he is ready to be a solid contributor to the team’s pitching staff. The team keeps advancing through the postseason from some strong play at the right time, and the team qualifies for the World Series. Additionally, Doyle keeps pitching well, he encourages others, and he leads by a positive example throughout the…show more content…
To commence, Lenny picks up a flyer for the Armchair Announcer contest, in which he could be a possible announcer for the Philadelphia Phillies game for one inning. Lenny and his best friends both named Mike decide to enter the contest to see if they can make Lenny the announcer for the one inning. Although all three of them are terrible baseball players, their love and passion for the game is astronomical, as they watch every Phillies baseball game that they can. While researching how to enter the contest, they learn that the requirements involve them having to announce some historical feat that happened in baseball. In accordance, the three boys decide on arranging an interview with the pitcher with the worst earned run average in the history of baseball. They find out that the pitcher lives close to the city in which they live in, and they spontaneously agree to bike the four miles to the guy’s house. It is clear that the boys are desperate to win the contest: “Lenny would be willing to read 200 books in the summer if it meant that it would allow him to win the contest and bike to Blaze O’Farrell’s house” (Beck 27). Although the boys do not know how many people are entering the contest, they believe they have an extraordinary chance of winning the contest because both Mikes are good at using computers and Lenny has a

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