John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Assassination

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy: The Infamous Assassination 3rd Draft Preston Meyers The presidency of John Fitzgerald Kennedy is something to remember. This is a man that knows what a bullet to the head feels like. He was one of America’s best presidents. He was a good president, all the way from his first term to his assassination. Kennedy assassination was a very tragic event. The shot that killed John was an incredible shot. The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a moment when America stopped and mourned the loss of a true patriot. The presidency of John F. Kennedy is an interesting topic that has a lot of interesting things to learn about, such as, all the good things he did as president. Kennedy joined the Navy and when he returned…show more content…
The bullet killing Kennedy is sometimes referred to as the magic bullet because of the zig-zag pattern it made (“Kennedy Assassination”). The bullet entered the back of his neck just below the collar line, then exiting his throat just in front of his Adam’s apple (1). Then the bullet enters Connally’s back close to right arm and breaks his fifth rib and exits through his chest near the right nipple (1). It then enters his forearm going up his arm hitting his wrist, breaking it, and then hitting his cufflink then getting lodged in his left thigh (1). He was shot from the sixth floor of Texas book depository…show more content…
The bullet made a choppy or zigzag pattern going through his body (“Killing Kennedy”). The carnage it made was pretty bad due to the path (“Killing Kennedy”). John F Kennedy’s life before his presidency is pretty interesting. Kennedy was born in Boston, and later got a younger brother named Robert (BBC Active)(Discovery Education). His Dad’s name was Joseph, his Mom’s name was Rose, and his Brother’s name was Robert (BBC Active)(Discovery Education). Then when John got older he attended Harvard (Burke 78-79). When John got even older he married Jacqueline and she was a very gorgeous (Burke 78-79). He had two kids one named Caroline (girl) and John Jr. (boy) (Burke 78-79). Kennedy is a very remembering person who did a lot of great things before and during his presidency. He is definitely someone to call an American patriot and a great president. He did a lot of great things as president. Him starting the Peace Corps, being in war, and the race to space. The Assassination of Patriot John Fitzgerald Kennedy was an event that shook the United

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