John Fopp Short Story

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The word that strike me the most, with this story was when John Foppe’s mother made a huge difference in her decision to let her son John do everything for himself like a normal kid would do despite having a handicap , that is, being born without both hands. “It was tough love” She said in her interview, that it was hard for her when she made the decision to not allow John’s other siblings to help him with his chores , knowing that it would be very difficult on the part of his handicapped son. As a mother of a soon to be teenage daughter, I can very much relate with this scenario. Most often than not, as a parent, I employ “tough love” when it comes to disciplining my daughter even if it was difficult emotionally on my part seeing her learning her lessons on her own. This means, not giving in to her splurges, my way of making sure she will not grow up spoiled, letting her do household chores that she can manage already and make sure she knows the things that she…show more content…
It took me a while to enroll in PhD. In fact, it took me almost a decade since I finished my MA to finally decide to go back to school again. I was enthusiastic, like the old days, when I was a very idealistic student, but then I was getting tired eventually since it was my first time to go to school and work at the same time. It was tedious and I wanted to quit. But then I realized that it is not an option for me to not finish what I have started, I can get tired, yes, but I can rest. Time lost, is opportunity lost and besides I have a strong support coming from my family and that every great success requires some type of worthy struggles to get there. Worrying and complaining changes nothing, as Marc Chernoff, an internet blogger points out, it’s always better to attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do

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