John Forbes Nash's A Beautiful Mind

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“A mind is a terrible thing to waste. A wasted genius’s mind would be an unimaginable loss.” This may have been the case with John Forbes Nash Jr. had he not have used his incredible mind to overcome the sickness that inhabited it as depicted in the Academy Award-winning movie A Beautiful Mind. Nash became an exceptionally productive and extremely successful member of society despite his severe schizophrenia due to his ability to utilize a cognitive psychological approach to the many challenges he faced in his life. He was able to perceive and process information at an amazing speed and make connections that many of us would simply never see. His mathematic formulas and equations have influenced and inspired generations of economists and mathematicians. These are a few examples of how this prodigy used his amazing abilities throughout his life. Nash attended Princeton University in September of 1947. He was rewarded the prestigious Carnegie scholarship for his outstanding academic abilities. There, Nash was particularly driven to find a truly original idea. To him, this was the only way to distinguish himself; it was the only way to really matter. Yet, he refused to attend classes and be exposed to “the weak assumptions of lesser mortals”. Nash…show more content…
His incredible ability to perceive the world and process problems to creative elegant solutions is what allowed Nash to be so successful in spite of his debilitating disease. Nash learned how to be industrious and assiduous in the face of issues that would keep others in mental intuitions. His understanding and remarkable use of the cognitive processes earned him an honored place in history. His victory over his disease through sheer force of will and enforced rationality demonstrated courage and tenacity of a
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