A Rhetorical Analysis Of John Galt's Speech

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Final John Galt is an extremely intelligent human. He knew his exact intentions of his speech and each and every point he wanted to address. Galt undeniably put his audience in shock by speaking about such unforeseen subjects such as morality, sacrifices, man, intelligence, emotions, life, death, values and so much more. As he finished his speech, the audience was not only in awe but maybe even in anger. The speech was definitely well thought out and incredibly said. He did an meticulous job stating that he was not settling for less than the looters and washington men backing off, so he and the other industrialist could take over. John addressed many different points throughout the course of the speech but a few subjects he expressed were desires, knowledge and choices. The small part of the speech that appeared fascinating and true was when John spoke about living life, and man not being able to live unless he can think for himself.…show more content…
“Man has to be man-by choice; he has to hold his life as a value-by choice; he has to learn to sustain it-by choice; he has to discover the values it requires and practice his virtues-by choice,” John Galt says as he speaks about the value of man's life. A person cannot make anyone complete an action that is not of his/her choice. Whether it is a bad choice or good choice made, you have to be able to think to make that final decision. If one does not want to use their brain they will find themselves failing at more than just intelligence. They will not be able to value themselves or their lifestyle. John Galt was definitely right. If an individual does not choose to make a decision of how they are going to live, then he does not hold his life as a value. Choices are important and if a person does not make one, good or bad, you are choosing to let accomplishment slip by. The values one holds for themself shows the type of person they want to
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