John Ginny: The Only Alien On The Planet

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The only alien on the planet This story is very different to many stories i have heard to say the only alien on the planet could make you think of an alien, but really talking about a young boy who is different .This book teaches us that you should not judge someone for how they look to be, but because they have a different way to show you they are human too. Smitty was not a sick or dumb, he just had done through a lot growing up which caused him to stop socialising with others.He was still a living person just because someone does not talk does not make them different but special in a way by looking in there eyes and seeing who they really are, special. Ginny was just a girl who…show more content…
Smitty let go of his fear and let everyone know he was not weird different strange or an alien like they made him look he was just a boy with a closed life and, Ginny had changed that . There was problem between Ginny and Smitty she wanted Smitty to understand that everyone has a hard life but you could not just let it be like that. Ginny wanted him to do something about it . She wanted to know why he treated her like he could not hear her or wanted to talk to her or at all talk Ginny had been mad to see what he would do to her and himself. Ginny did not see why Smitty would want to stay out in the quiet when there was a party and she wanted to go back in and she was mad, she did not know why she was babysitting Smitty .Ginny had said to Smitty that she did not have time to be babysitting him and that he should have been having fun, but then she saw him get scared of her screaming and telling him to look at her. Ginny just wanted him to be like them then realized he was not like them at all and she liked that about him but the fact that he would not really speak made her feel like her time was being wasted to not know what he thought about what she would say. Everything was confusing she cared and then…show more content…
Just because you think your life is going great does not mean someone out here is living the best way. Anything you can say to a person who looks different can make them feel worse than what they already feel. Everyone weird and feel like an alien that certain times we are not perfect. Being different if not bad there 's no way anyone can be the same. Being different is like trying to find the real you and not let no one influence you to change your different ways to live your life .There is no way to change if you 're not ready and Smitty had to see if it was time for him to end everything that was bringing him down and making him feel insecure about himself. We learn in the book that there is more to just thinking that people will be alright and not go through things that can mark their lives. Smitty’s life was marked for a long time maybe there is really people who go through a lifetime of not speaking ever again. What this book should make you see is that falling in a deep fear or depression could most likely keep someone from being
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