John Goodman Research Paper

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John Goodman, a native teenager from Baller County, Georgia, is a high school baseball star and local celebrity; however, his fame, much like most well known bigwigs, didn’t come with ease. John’s determination and dedication to the sport of baseball landed him a place on the All-American team. This, in turn, made Goodman the first player from Baller County High School to be recognized and honored in any extracurricular activity beyond that of the state level; which he achieved in his freshmen year of high school. The young pitcher had many expectations to live up to in the oncoming years due to his spectacular athletic ability on the mound. Aside from his God given superb natural talents, Goodman knew that to accomplish his dream of becoming a Major League pitcher from such a small rural home place that he must never take his training exercises and leadership responsibilities lightly, but to always show no less…show more content…
Baller County had high expectations for the year so the team started off the practices with a strong swagger and practice had started becoming part of a usual routine for all the young athletes. The day February 25, a day that young John Goodman will never forget. The overcast weather conditions had soaked everything; therefore, the team had spent practice in the batting cages. Afterwards, the coach dismissed the team to go home since weather conditions seemed to be worsening. Goodman and a few others had decided that they would go to the mall and pick up some well needed snacks at the mall. Upon pulling out of the baseball team 's practice field parking lot, John Goodman and his best friend, Jesse Johnson, were too impatient to wait on the semi truck to pass before bolting out onto the slick wet pavement. The tires of Jesse’s sparkling blue corvette lost traction which caused the tires to spin. The entire team watched as the monstrous semi truck plowed into Jesse’s
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