John Gotti: The Godfather

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John Gotti: The Godfather There he goes again, racketeering and committing other horrible crimes. All of John Gotti’s life, since age twelve he has done bad actions. He was working for one of the most notorious mob families in The Big Apple. At a young age, he became an apprentice working for . Unfortunately the guy Gotti was working for Danny Fatico who was working for the Gambino family. John Gotti was murderous and dedicated, which made him the nation’s most notorious mobster since Al Capone. Gotti thought he could become a mobster and he set his mind to it, leading him to be dedicated, murderous, and well known by everyone. The murders and other illegal type actions led to being known well. “ On April 2, 1992, fifteen years ago…show more content…
John Gotti has been targeted for assassination due to internal family strife and unhappiness over his rule and personal demeanor. “One thing mob bosses don’t like is scrutiny and notoriety” (Mustain 45). “In 1966 one could find Gotti hijacking trucks at the JFK airport for the Gambino family” (Earnest 1). John Gotti is known for all of the racketeering, hijacking, and killing that he committed . Gotti was so well known that when his son went to see him and talk to him, two FBI agents literally said they were not gonna leave the room. The FBI thought that Gotti’s son was a mobster like him, who was trying to help him escape the prison. Gotti felt accepted while he was doing the illegal actions, which made him want to do it even more, causing him to become well known. The FBI realized that it had been the one and only John Joseph Gotti that had bribed the guards. Gotti being well known resulted in being bailed out of prison so quickly and easily. One of the longest terms in prison, he had to serve was a nine year term. The last sentence Gotti received was life in prison in a penitentiary. Gotti was the type of person known for mass murder and narcotic deals. Gotti has been seen in numerous gang activities.Showing up in the bronx of New York with a brand new lincoln SUV really did not help him from gaining attention from the FBI and other Federal cops. Gotti was just so well known by everyone he really could not escape his

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