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Alaska was daring, outspoken, and sometimes rude. But that’s what made Miles love her even more. He didn’t want to let her go anymore than the Colonel. Miles started going to a boarding school, not because his parents made him, but because he wanted to explore something outside of his comfort zone. This book was an eye opening, heartbreaking, and interesting journey to read. Alaska Young, the girl with more charisma and guilt than she knew what to do with. She spent her free time reading books. If she wasn’t reading books, she was pulling one of her infamous pranks. The staff hated her and the freshmen were her main targets. But Alaska had some dark secrets, some of them she didn’t plan on telling Miles, others, well she didn’t really have…show more content…
Looking for Alaska was definitely intended for a more mature audience. The word choice and some of the topics discussed would not be appropriate for the younger teens and adolescents. Such as when Alaska and Pudge play the prank on the Eagle, otherwise known as their principal, and Alaska and a couple of her lesser known friends in the story, get caught smoking. The Eagles punishment towards them was not as harsh as may have been in their school because they are not old enough to understand that schools rules are different and this is a fictional story. So the younger children might not be able to enjoy and relate to the book as much as older teens and young adults would. This story is also probably not intended for older people. Even though the book was published in 2005, there are some modern references mentioned in the book that they may not understand. They may think that we don’t understand the meaning behind this book. Older people definitely would have a different take on this story and the

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