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Why hello there! I see you 're here to learn about Johann Gutenberg. Well you 've come to the right place then. Today I will be telling you about his life, His invention of the printing press, some background info, and his career. Johann Gutenberg was not the first to make printed books but he was the first to make a working printing press. Johanne was born on 1395 in Mainz Germany. Johann’s family was wealthy, and political. Johann was often known by his mom’s name Gutenberg. People say Johann was part of a goldsmith guild. We don 't know a lot on Johann’s early life when growing up. When Johann was growing up there was block printing. This type of printing was when the printer cut a piece of wood and carved the letters out. They then inked the letters and…show more content…
Johann went home and found someone a goldsmith and lawyer. His name was Joahann Fust he was interested and gave Johann all the money he needed. Johann first tried hard wood letters but, instead of one big slab he did little blocks. The wood blocks didn 't work so he tried metal, the metal work better than the wood. Since he moved on to metal he was progressing more and faster to the first book he ever printed the Bible in Latin. His partner Faust was being impatience and argued with Johann. Faust then brought Johann into court and the court decided in favor of Faust. All the work Johann did went to Faust. The Gutenburg Bible was printed or the Bible in Latin and Johann lost his Business. The Gutenburg bible was expected to print 200 copies on cotton linen paper and, another 30 on velum animal skin. We don 't know how many where made but there is 22 copies still around. Fun fact 7 of these copies are on velum animal skin paper. One of these bibles would sell for around 1,000,000 dollars. A single page is worth 100,000 dollars. People say he made one of the most expensive works. Gutenberg 's later years are as unknown as his early life. Mainz where he lived was raided by Archbishop Adolph II. Many people left

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